Polish Breakfast – „Fala” (Official Audio)

Singiel wydany przez Kayax w ramach projektu dla młodych artystów My Name Is New ▶︎ http://www.mynameisnew.pl/ ____________________________________________________________________ „Fala„ muz.: Hugo Kaszyński
sł.: Agata Mierzwa Verse 1:
Roads I’ve got to cross, these hills I’ve got to climb in the rain
Now when everything changed I look after it by myself
Through the wind in fall like the crashing hurricane
My feelings touch the ground like the houses standing there Chorus 1:
Once it started out I didn’t know it was what I’ve desired for so long, so long Verse 2:
My sorrow that I’ve got every time that I can’t sleep, I come into my mind and there’s no chance it stops, think
Every star which I see on the sky that’s always blue
I come and wonder if it all is just brand new Chorus 2:
Once it started out I didn’t know it was what I’ve desired for so long, so long It came so fast but now I’m getting used to feel like home with every breath I take, breath I take…
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