BRAWO – Falling Down (Official Video)

BRAWO – Falling Down (Official Video) Out Now.
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#fallingdown “Falling Down” is the new single from Italian dj & producer Brawo, after a long period of ghost productions for Italian and international artists.
It’s a modern powerful dance rework of Lil Peep 2018 homonymous Bonus Track in collaboration with XXXTentacion from the album “Come Over When You’re Sober, Pt. 2”, counting almost 500 million streaming plays only on Spotify and 200 million views on YouTube. Everyday, someone is falling down.
But everyday, someone is rising up.
This track is ready to make you sing and dance, featuring a catchy whistle from the beginning, an incisive crossover bassline and the recognizable vocal. When you’re falling down, music will lift you up. zródło: Ego Music