Luna will represent Poland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024

Źródło: Universal Music Polska

Luna will represent Poland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024

Artist will sing for Poland in Malmö with her powerful song „The Tower”

Luna, a 24 year-old indie pop singer with a standout image and an undoubted charisma, has convinced Polish Eurovision committee and won the national pre-selection. 

– My biggest dream is coming true! – Luna did not hide her excitement. – I had to wait for a perfect timing to make it happen, but here I am. I can’t quite believe it yet!

„The Tower” was created in the UK, in cooperation with producers Fyfe and Max Cooke. The song was written especially for Eurovision. 

–  „The Tower” is a manifesto of freedom and strength. A way out of darkness and darkness – says Luna – Abandoning ties, blockages, limitations, negative patterns and relationships. Destroying the tower and going out into the world. It is about realizing our own strength, fullness and that our limitations are our creation. The tower is a place or state that we build ourselves: I am the one who built the tower. I hope that this song will inspire us all to fight for ourselves, our own freedom, love and sense of worth. About being fully yourself, without boundaries.

The music video created for the song perfectly illustrates the fight for oneself.

– The symbolic chess game in the video reflects the relationships I have in my life – says Luna – and the opponents that appear represent different spheres of my life. However, the final, the most important game takes place in my head – I meet myself from the future and I have to fight with my own fears.

The upcoming Eurovision will be the 68th edition of this prestigious contest. In line with the tradition, Sweden will be hosting this year’s event, thanks to Loreen’s victory in 2023. It’ll take place in the capital of the Skåne region – Malmö, with the semi-finals scheduled for May 7 and 9, and the grand finale on May 11. The Polish representative will perform in the first semi-final.

Luna is a 24  year old, currently studying at the University of Warsaw’s Faculty of Artes Liberales. She is a songwriter (in both English and Polish) and a composer, can play the violin and the piano, and she is also a yoga teacher. 

Art, philosophy, fashion and astrology are amongst her greatest passions. She loves books, Nick Cava and Bjork. Her friends and colleagues often say that she exudes light, positive energy and a mysterious charm, a bit out of this world.

In 2021 she signed a contract with Universal Music Poland. In November the following year she released “Caught in the Night EP” and became the first Polish Ambassador of the Spotify Equal, with her image being displayed on one of the Times Square’s billboards in New York. The following year Luna was nominated as ‘Discovery of the Year’ for the prestigious Polish “Empik” Award. 

In 2022, her debut longplay titled „Nocne zmory” was released, and Luna went on her first tour, performing at the best Polish music festivals, including Open’er Festival, Męskie Granie, Lekko Festival, Jabłonki, Edison and Great September. 

In 2023, Luna began collaborating with the UK and Swedish producers, writing songs for herself and other artists. Her single „Subterranean” recorded with DJ Miss Monique has been streamed over 3 milions times so far, and is currently her biggest song to date.