SOLARYS – Let The Sunshine In (ådå Remix) (Official Video)

SOLARYS – Let The Sunshine In (ådå Remix) (Official Video) out now.
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Jack Back: “Tasty”
Dash Berlin: “Like Like Like”
Paul Oakenfold: “Yuuuup”
Ivan Gough: “Love It”
KC Lights: “Huge remix”
Kokiri: “This is nice”
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• VK Dance After the original version of “Let The Sunshine In” by Solarys, rework of the most famous track from the 1967 musical “Hair”, dj and producer Ådå presents a brand-new powerful remix! The track features a piano house touch mixed with the famous vocal that leads to the drop making it catchy and at the same time perfect for clubs. zródło: Ego Music